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Origins 08 Pics


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I got the chance to make it down to Origins on Saturday. Other than going for food, I spent the entire time between the Reaper events area and the Reaper booth. I would like to thank Ed, Ron, Debbie and the other Reaper folks who made the trip up (I know there were some more, and apologize for not listing your names, unfortunately I did not get the chance to meet you.). Everyone from Reaper was friendly and helpful. Also thanks to Castlebuilder, Sergei, Outkast, and Qwyksilver for running the events.


Enough rambling, here are some pics:


Reich of the Dead:


Kroid Whirblewind



Qwyk setting up the RotD demo table


Ebontop (Dungeon Crawl):


Castlebuilder plotting the players' downfall


Night of the Solstice:


Sergei running the game



The cemetery area





Stalingrad 2074:


Part of the "Hercules Down" Scenario board.



"Bridge of Tears" Scenario

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"The Quick and the Dead." Someone should make a movie title out of that.


I was the lone American player in the 4:00 to 6:00 Saturday night RotD. After I got almost eaten I think the score was Kroids 4 - Americans 2.? What was the final score? Fun game. Thanks Quicksilver.

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great pictures of your guys stuff. Did you happen to snap any shots of the competitors tables?


Unfortunately. no. I spent most of my time down there between the Reaper events area and the Reaper booth. :blush::rolleyes:

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