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Shimmering paint


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I wanted to get the same effect you see on some cars


I hope you can see the difference form the two shots. Same figure, sligthly different lighting.




The red-brown is more pronounced than is shown in the pics. It just doesn't translate well under lamp light.

The colour range is a little out.



I've tweeked these two to show the body paint closer to what I see. (got me thinking of new paint schemes though)



Colours are way off for the rest.

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Definitely something that you will want to take a natural lighting shot of in order to really make the color-shifts pop.


Although I know a lot of people don't care for that type of stuff in the mini-painting community - I like it, and always appreciate more people trying there hand at it. This looks pretty good and will likely look even better with a few more sharing the same scheme.


One thing of note though. Those paints really want a very smooth surface for the greatest effect. Normally I buff the mini to remove any texture from the casting process in the areas that will get the shifting paint. After that - gloss primer. Yes, gloss and primer together. There are a few companies who make a gloss primer for use on models...specifically for the color shifting and metallic paints (ALCLAD II, Testors). Helps to avoid some of the issues with molting that you see in the first and third pictures. Regular paint will stick to it just fine too...so no need to use a special primer for the flipping colors and a different primer for the rest.

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To adapt a Simpsons quote:

-- "Devastator Squad, be on the lookout for a metallic green Necron Destroyer heading your way."

-- "I see a Destroyer, but it seems to be more of an golden-olive color. Probably a different guy. Let him pass!"




Nice use of the special-effect paint.

Plus, you can confuse your opponent when he walks back and forth on his side of the table. He'll start to question his eyesight and then make tactical errors. Advantage, you. ::P:



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