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Gastaroth, Vampire


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Alot of freehand detailing on the armor, with special attention to the sword in his left hand.


Face was painted in tones of purple highlighted with white then glazed with oils to get his undead pallor.


Thanks for looking!



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Hey guys, thank you all for your kind words, that is heartwarming and I'm glad you like him. I thought it was an awesome miniature to paint, loved the pose and the thought the whole thing was quite challenging and took a good deal of time to complete, probably close to 30 hours or so, I lost track. I worked on it about 4 hours a day for at least 3 weeks, usually at least one day on the weekends.



Now all we need to see is your version of Stern and a little diorama with the two figures ::-)))


Hi, I have the new version of Stern on my "to order list" for painting at some time in the future so will definately be posting it here when I get a chance to paint him. Thanks again folks, very much obliged.

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What I like:

skin tones - great contrast on these.. wonderful highlights

the swords - holy cow... the back of the scimitar.. great golds.. the silver NMM is perfect.. great shading

the armor - wonderful colors - perfect definition


Sorry... but there is no "What I don't like section" here.


Put him on the wall and flood him with light.. this is an art piece!

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