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3193 Carinth, Dark Elf Sorceress

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True, the dark elf skin tone is close to the metalics. Unfortunately, drow use adamantium weapons, etc. which are almost black. I did use blackened steel to try to highlight the metallics.


On the first drow that I painted (Citadel, 1987, before I knew that highlighting was an option!), I used gloss black for the skin, matte black for the clothing, gunmetal for the armor and weapons, and lots of silver and gold accents. On my more recent drow, I've used a browner skin tone and a deep indigo hue for the adamantine, to make them more distinct from each other.


Basically, feel free to use artistic license on your adamantine colors. Maybe the metal reflects some other color from the room around her? Or maybe a vain drow priestess would add a lacquer or color-rub to her adamantine equipment, so her beautiful skin stands out from it better? You get to decide. :;):



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