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My last months paintjobs Adult warning on one mini


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Hi guys here is my last months paintjobs The reaper minis were alot of fun specially the shadow king. I wish I could I have sunk more time into some of them. Almaran I might have to paint again very cool paladin sculpt.





Shadow King


Callie Rouge


Strohm Elementalist


Dub Bullock


Harem Gilr Nudy Warning


Shimmer Half Drow




Crouching Assasin




Night Goblin Boss

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Very clean work. I like how you manage the contrast of your figures -- the strong highlights make them very eye-catching and appealing.


On the paladin, you highlighted the right hand's fingers along their length, so the right forearm and both shoulders should get highlights in that orientation, too, not just on their edges. They are all cylindical/conical shapes whose axes are horizontal, so they should reflect light similarly. Your NMM swords are consistently excellent; I often have trouble with NMM on armor and other complex shapes, but abstracting the forms into cylinders, cones, and spheres helps me figure out the reflections.


I like your take on the Shadow King, too, but I would probably darken the hair and the skirt a bit. When NMM goes up to pure white (reflected light), then non-reflective materials -- even "white" ones -- should not go up that high.



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Hey guys, wow some blessedly cool weather moved in and it did wet stuff from the sky witch almost never ever happens here in El Paso. Got me airconditioner fixed to, a happy viking.

Shimmer got fixed so that pic works again.


Derek thanks for the pointers ::):

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