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Joe Kutz

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Had a question from one of the local gamers, and I told them it was covered in an issue of Firebase...he went to Border's looking for it. Ah, well. I know that there are probably a lot of miniature hobbyists who might not be familiar with a lot of the e-zines that are out there...so here goes my list:


Firebase - Semi-regular online magazine that deals primarily with GW...most specifically 40K. Free for all, offers painting, terrain and gaming tutorials as well as some fan fiction.


Harbinger - Another freebie. This magazine is much more general, and covers a lot of smaller independent companies, as well as offering reviews and previews - they cover a variety of game systems with battle reports and strategies.


Fictional Reality - More or less quarterly ezine. Like Harbinger, it covers a broad range of games and offers a lot of battle reports, reviews and tutorials.


Gods of War - Dedicated to War Gods of Aegyptus and other stuff from Crocodile Games.


Battlegames - Not a freebie, but lots of interesting info. While they deal primarily with historical wargames, other stuff does slip in from time to time. The nice thing though is that terrain for historical games and that for sci-fi and fantasy are basically the same except the detailing. This is also available as a physical magazine.


Wargames Journal - Another Primarily Historical e-zine - however like most...they can not resist the appeal of the occaisional sci-fi or fantasy game. Lots of stuff and some of the best looking terrain in any of the magazines (including fancy stuff like GW's studio terrain).


Signs & Portents - Produced by Mongoose Publishing to pimp their games. There is enough stuff that can be used for other games, that if you do not play any Mongoose games it is worth taking a look at. Since it is an e-zine that the staff actually gets paid, it is more regular than some of the others.


Combat Zone Chronicles - While it isn't an e-zine like the rest of those mentioned above - they have a lot of really good general information. Updates are sporadic, and come in the form of individual articles as opposed to issues. It is produced by EM-4 in support of their Combat Zone game, so primarily deals with near future sci-fi skirmish issues. Many of the terrain articles focus on low cost solutions.


There are a few others which I am forgetting off the top of my head - however these are some of the better ones.

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I'll submit Wargames @ Nordalia - http://wargames.nordalia.com though there's not a ton of Reaper coverage out there, there is some, and there are painting guides, Modding figures, contracting for fantasy figures, and the primary focus - miniatures reviews.


In the interest of complete disclosure, I'm the Editorial Director of Wargames @ Nordalia, so of course I think it's the best ;).




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I can't recommend Fictional Reality enough. I really like the way they pour the detail into their battle reports and that they review a broad product base. I had thought Harbinger was done for, will have to check it out. I really like the terrain modelling articles in Combat Zone Chronicles. Lots of great ideas in there and plan to put a number of them to use for 5150.

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