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Brush Recommendation Needed

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OK, I decided I have to try these. I like the size of WN7-0, so I found the specs for it. 1/16" or 1.6mm diameter, and 11/16" or 8.7 mm length. Then I matched those sizes as close as possible and ordered the following from Dick Blick:


06179-1000 Isabey Short Handle Pure Kolinsky Sable Round Size 0

05289-1000 Raphaël Kolinsky Red Sable Extra Pointed Round Series 8408 Size 0

06113-1001 Arches Kolinsky Pointed Round Size 1


I added a WN7 Size 0 to give them one last try, and the total came to 29.91, 8 cents under their next shipping cost tier.


I'll gladly write something up once they come in, and anyone in paint groups with me is welcome to try them out.

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I have 3 kolinsky's.


1 is a 3/0 WN7. Which I love and was a gift from my Gen Con roomie Linda. I probably use this brush for 95% of my painting at this point (even for eyes). Unless I'm being shaky then I use one of my other kolinsky's.


The other 2 are Connoisseur 007 rounds. I have a 7/0 and a 5/0, as thats what was in stock when the hubby got them as christmas presents for me a few years back.

They are built alot like the WN, only with plastic handles.

I 'believe' them to be slightly less expensive than WN7's, but I don't think by much.


I really like my Connoisseurs, they keep a really good point and bounce back well after a slight "watchfulness error" (someone grabbed the wong brush and it got manhandled a bit. I've had these for 3 years and they look almost good as new.

My mom used to work at an art supply store and was very impressed with my husband when he bought me these brushes, if that goes for anything.

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I have been a long user of w&n s7 but lately I find myself using more and more raphael 8404 brushes. The body is longer then a s7 and the smaller sizes have more spring. I am using mostly sizes 00, 0, 1.

I use an Isabey for liner, they have a very long body. If you go in the bigger sizes like 3 or 4 you can use one to paint too. The bigger body holds more paint which can be good when doing bigger scales.

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