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Guard Dogs (03326)

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Monster bullies.


Size makes it more than a little bit off - but if you wanted something which is closer than an English Bulldog (see picture in my profile) a Valley Bulldog

is larger than most the bullie breeds but has the same general shape.


Alapaha Blue Bloods would be another suspect - though they don't have the really big heads that you find on a lot of the bullies. They also have longer tails - but are about rottweiler sized. And no, unlike a lot of breeds - the tails are naturally stubby on most bullies...no cropping involved.

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Bulldog (BTW - the keyword also says bulldog in fig finder)






The mastiffs have a much larger body in relation to their head (or smaller head in relation to their body). You also have a very characteristic wedge shape to the bulldog body - broad shoulders and narrow hips. The mastiff carry a more normal set of proportions.


Right now I am planning on doing a few sets of these for the bullies I have. I already did up one of the Crusader dogs for our mastiff. Now reaper just needs to put out a set of boxers...

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Back in 92 I picked up an American Bulldog (no longer with us - died of old age) who was going to be put down as being a vicious dog by the local ASPCA group. Gentle dog who just needed someone to be in charge as opposed to a bunch of metrosexual males who it thought it had to protect.


Since then I have continued to get dogs which other people couldn't control, or who had been ruled vicious or untrainable. Right now it is 7 bulldogs, a mastiff, 5 boxers, a texas rat dog (half Chihuahua/half dachshund) and 2 rottweilers. With the exception of one dog in the past 16 years - they were all good dogs which just needed a place that they could be dogs and didn't have to worry about protecting their pack and territory from all comers (or perceived threats).


The bulldogs though are extra special IMO, and make for good pets for people with a strong enough personality to control them. While they no longer have most the fighting traits which they were bread for 200+ years ago...they still are very willful, and can intimidate a lot of people on looks alone. Mostly though they like to sleep, eat and fart.



BTW - they are more along the lines of the devil dog mascot for the marines than an anatomically correct bulldog. Google "Devil Dog" and take a look at some of the drawings and what not...

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Wow. You've really stepped up in rescue work, and my hat's off to you. All of my dogs are rescues. The chihuahua hybrid I have, has the brindle of a pitbull, but I think it's some sort of terrier she's mixed with. The toy poodle is I guess pretty much what you see is what you get, and the German Shepherd I have is mixed with something but I don't know what. I've never really socialized her entirely as it was better to have an aggressive dog in the city on the end of my leash when I found her. She was hit by a car, broken leg, bad stuff.


Now she is still overly protective of me, and I'm starting to socialize her more with other dogs, but the whole neighborhood knows her reputation.


I hope these models sell well enough for Reaper to have more breeds sculpted.


I just got the bad news that my models are on back order from FRP, so I guess I'll just wait longer to get them.

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