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Table Top Army-Militia

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I was able to finish all 16 figures in a week. It was amazing how it just came together. May and June were a struggle to find any inspiration to paint and then I was able to finish a couple of squads in a week. Of course all the figures I started in May/June are still sitting dejected on the shelf, but maybe I will get them this week, or not...


Anyway, these will complete a small force of militia/town guards for my world. their uniforms are fairly generic except for the helmets and shields. As I posted them I realized that there are a couple small touch ups I missed, the camera is unforgiving and totally honest, Doh.


I have used these guys as practice for shading/highlighting, some are better than others. The eyes are a big improvement over the Table Top Archer squad, the shading and highlighting are a little better, still need some more practice


The link is to a previous post of a squad that will be joining these..post-4695-1215589732_thumb.jpg



Table Top Archer Squad: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...32414&st=15












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The militia kinda of got away from me, in that i intended to have 8 guys, but I saw the leader figure (bloned guy with the mullet and the cheese goatee) he came in a pack so it became 12 guys. Then i was on Miniature Giant and saw an DHL army pack on sale so I got it, then I saw another.... Eventually I have ended up with a town guard of 24 guys!?!


They were a runaway army

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they look pretty good as a unit, its nice to have a unifromed set of folks for a town guard, my players tend to get themselves into trouble, and this lets me keep on top of who's who. It's also made them complacent in thinking that they will be the only figures I use for security and law enforcement. Now I can be a little more devious... :grr:

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