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hmmmm which one is better


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To be fair, that Dragonborn art looks like the 3.x Dragonborn. That was more like a 'template' that could be applied to other races (technically, IIRC, you underwent a transformation into one, so it wasn't a normal 'template'), so there could be Elvish and Halfling based Dragonborn. Now Dragonborn appear to be born as such.


But I think "side by side" was meant as "side by side in the same picture"...


True that 4E Dragonborn are a race of their own and 3.x Dragonborn was a template. And yes, I meant can someone post a side by side pic of the DDM models and the Reptus Models in the same pic.

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Paintjob and casting materials aside, I actually prefer the WOTC model. I like the proportions a little better and the fact he is slightly more human particularly around the head and neck - the reaper one is a bit too stylized for my tastes (which isn't to say it isn't good - it is an amazing model)


There is something about the head and neck on the reaper model that really doesn't sit well with me for some reason.

The huge chunky scales are not winning me over either.
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