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What's wrong with my NMM


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I've been trying to learn how to do NMM with a couple of recipies I found in this forum. I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what. My NMM attempts don't look anywhere near as smooth as the minis I see posted in show off. I think it might be down to the fact that I'm not a very good blender, but any comments on these two first attempts (especially the sword) woudl be recieved with open arms.


These are my first two attempts at NMM, the first is NMM gold from the painting recipies sticky thread, the second is a black steel from the same thread.


Here's the pics, thanks in advance,





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well, from what i can see in the ipcs, you are doing fine. Just need to keep going so to speak.


I see in the pictures some shadow areas and some mid tones. Now just need to see some highlights.


Then you just gotta keep pushing each of them til you get what you want.


And also have to take into account how polished or worn you want the metall to look and adjust your highlights accordingly.

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Have you picked up the Learn to Paint kit for NMM, by any chance? It might be a help since I can't go into more detail here (must get to the paint department soon or bad things will happen!). :;):


Executing NMM well is dependent on two things...smooth blends, and placement of highlights. Placing highlights in NMM is not like highlighting other surfaces because with NMM you are trying to create the illusion of something shiny. Because of this you'll need to highlight all the way to pure white--a shiny object has that very bright reflection of light! Also, because shiny objects are reflective, you also need to simulate light bouncing off of the "ground" back up at the object. Hold a shiny object up in front of you and you will see that not only are there highlights on top, where the overhead lights or sun hits, but there are also highlights on the underside created by reflected light. ::):


The second thing to remember is that on a very shiny surface, your shadow will be right under your bright highlight, creating a harsh contrast. The more tarnished or dulled a metal surface is, the less harsh that transition from very bright to very dark is. ::):


So, in summary...on your gold you need that very bright highlight, and on the piece on her arm you will need an under-reflection as well. Her helm could use an under-reflection above her mouth, on that lower edge--it doesn't need to be very big, as most of the helm is slanted toward the sky--and the part of it that holds her pony tail would definately have a reflection down at the bottom edge where it joins the main helm, because if you think about it light would be bouncing off of the shiny helm onto the pony tail holder part there. ::):


Hope that helps!



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Stubbdog & Toad, thanks for the words of encouragement, they are really appreciated, I was pulling my hair out wondering if I was heading in the completly wrong direction ... you guys really saved me from baldness ::):


Vaitalla - That explains loads, thanks. Everything you put makes perfect sense, I just hope that I can put your words into practice. I think I'll make sure my next few minis have loads of Nmm so I can try getting the hang of it !!


Thanks again,


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