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Andrea Miniatures - Leogante


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Hi folks!


Leo here was done as gift for a friend.




The base is a combination of a rock I picked up at the beach and some sculpting to incorporate the figure. This was my first try at 54mm and while it was easier on the eyes it was a challenge to achieve the look I wanted. My friend wanted red in the color scheme and I don't know if I got it quite right.


Any suggestions on how to push this a little further?



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Base still needs some work...doesn't look like stone, and the wisps of straight up grass are just not right. Make it more natural with som bent, spread out the grass a little, more lower plant life would help balance that out a bit. The other option is to use and paint flock on parts of the stone to make it look like moss. It works at this scale. Also brown sword belt (?) across the lower front looks undone compared to the reds. And I'll mention making that sword pop a bit more, as well.

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Congratulations on successfully taking on a 54mm figure! I really like this sculpt and your friend should be very happy with what you did.


I think I see the lights of your photo setup reflecting off a slightly glossy surface on the reds, so I'll base my comments on what I see without those reflections. If the reflections are painted-on highlights, well, I should change my comments. ::P:


The areas of red cloth (skirt and straps) look good to me, but I think another highlight probably wouldn't hurt. The enamelled areas (shoulders and greaves), though, need a few more highlights -- very small ones, to show how light reflects differently on a smooth and hard surface. Basically, red cloth and red armor should be painted differently.


A few other suggestions, mostly fine-tuning:


I would add freehand to the hem of the skirt and somewhere on the shoulder-plates -- not so much that your blends are totally obscured, but enough to add interest. Maybe you could take your cue from the swirly shapes on the greaves or the bold geometric shape of the sword's hilt.


At this scale you could get into more detail of how a person's skin varies over his body. Some areas might be pinker or paler than others, veins might show, and so on. Of course, angels might well be uniformly colored. :;): Did you line the fingernails or toenails?


The same goes for the wings -- all-white wings are nice for a traditional angel, but you could add a dash of color or patterning to the feathers.


And his brown hair isn't keeping up with his lively wardrobe. Perhaps taking it toward auburn (red-orange glazes) or darker/deeper browns (brown and/or purple glazes) would be more dramatic.



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Thank you for the great comments and suggestions!


Sadly I won't be able to tweek this one. Leo has gone to his new home and was warmly received. I will practise the suggestions on the next figure (and the next, and the next... :rolleyes: )

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