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Chaos Sorcerer Lord and Apiring Champion


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finaly i have had the chance to put a couple of my pics online thanks to the help of tombwalker!!! :rolleyes: these are a couple of my models from my nurgle army, actualy the only two fully painted ones :blush:


this first one is my first chaos model i did





this model is one i finished off today a tombwalkers house





i will get some close ups of the bits a tried my hardest at, such as the eyes!!!

any feedback would be much appreciated!

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the sorcerer model is before i had ever tried to do layering so i might of done the deeper red, also i like how it is now cause it stands out, its ment to aswell being a sorcerer aswell! i would probably paint the cloak again but i don't want to just in case it comes .... well... wrong.

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