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Plague Marines Squad 1

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i thought i might aswell add one of these seeing as i'm in working progress of a whole new army and i thought i might give you a bot of a taster and maby show you the stages of my personal colour scheme later on when i have the time!




this is my squad you might recognise the aspiring champion from the show-off section, this is my basic squad 4 with bolters, a melta, and a plasma rifle. the basic models are all ready at the moment to be drybrushed.

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thanks alot toad, i actualy nicked the colour scheme from a white dwarf issue (warhammers magazine for those that don't know), i will find out which one later, but the guys army in tht were much brighter green more towards teh rotting flesh colour intead of my darker green.


i actualy now have a problem, the trim i have gone off it, it was only a simple colour i made to have a slightly rusty resemblance. i am at the moment trailing through the painting guides until i find the right sort of rusty look i want!

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