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ShadowForge Female Fantasy Football


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Back from my long excile from painting and the reaper board.


Was wondering if anyone has any experience painting teams up? Looking to pick one up (thinking of the wicked elves) Is there any set colors or ways of marking team members? Seen some pictures but was wondering if someone had some more insite on this.


Also thinking of a bunny team. Is one better than the other? What would be a good one to pick up if so. Dont have a rule book as of yet. If anyone has some pics that would be cool as well to help with ideas.


Thanks ::D:

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In my (ancient) Blood Bowl days, I tried to keep the helmets and shoulder pads the same across the team. Not every piece will have both, but they should all have one or the other. I also color coded the bases like in 2nd ed. (mostly because it was 2nd ed I was playing) and put the number on the base in 3 places so I could see it from whatever angle. The closer together you paint them, the more consistent they will come out. Paint up a test lineman first, don't be afraid to start over, pick 1 major and 1 minor color for you teams equipment, and have fun. My dwarf team (The Kheled Bloodhammers) had a white helmet with a blue stripe down the middle with a tiny hammer on both sides and blue shoulder pads, for example. My chaos team was black with red trim. Hope this helps.

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I went and did a search online for you since I know time is not something you have with your schedule. I don't know if these links will help you out or not, but it's worth a shot right?







Your best bet may be just to go directly to the games Workshop website and delve into the information there since they have Blood Bowl, and much of the miniature based fantasy football seems to be a take-off on that.


Hope that helps. ::D:


EDIT: Here's more:








And of course, the source of it all, Shadowforge Miniatures itself:


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I have about 5 or 6 teams painted now for Bloodbowl (I say about because not all are completed). I would definitely recommend keeping all clothing colours the same, as well as all metals and probably even skin colours. The only place I varied colours was primarily in hair. I've posted a couple of links to the teams I've done:


Ogre team WIP thread, but scroll down. I painted the numbers on the bum for each ogre and on the back for each snotling.

Elf team The bases are numbered, not the figures.

Norse team (Speed painted) Currently un-numbered -- will probably number the bases though.


I have another elf team (crappy paint job), and partially painted orc and human teams too. But there's no pics of those yet. Good luck in your search.

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Thank you for the links and team pics everyone, they proved to be very informative and gave me so interesting ideas.


Froggy- I have yet to see a copy of the shadow forge game for female football. Probabily what I need to track down before doing this.

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