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15mm Old Glory Prussians


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Something a little milder than the naked girls I usally paint. This is a portion of my army that I decided put up for auction off on ebay as well. Alot of detail for minis this size and a bit of eye strain involved during painting :poke:

Recently flocked all the bases and really adds something to them I think, should have been doing this along time ago.


Thanks for looking and comments welcome







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I'm not a huge fan of Old Glory miniatures because the casting often isn't very clean. However painting on the 15mm scale takes some skill. Kudos. That's a lot of eye strain! I don't think my eyes could take that kind of painting right now.


I remember seeing pictures of these without the flocking and the flocking certainly makes them look better.

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Thing to remember about old glory minis is that they supply an average quality cast at a cheap price. There stuff is manily for the guys looking to put alot of troops on the table in the most economical way possible. Bag of 50 infantry runs $15.


Another thing to keep in mind that from a few feet away you at this scale you cant really tell the difference on the game table. I had to make the detailing, ie trim on the jackets and unit marking, bigger just so they could be seen and give them some color variation.These guys are only about as tall as your fingernail is long so not alot of space to work with.


Thanks for the comment on the basing ::D:

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