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Is the credit crunch that bad ??


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The store's ebay sales have been primarily going overseas for the past six months. Judging by the shipping records, we've sent 4 auctions overseas for every auction sold in the US. We primarily sell Magic: the Gathering cards but occassionally sell other stuff that's just not moving well in-store to clear up some shelf space. The only times we've had significant amounts stay in the US has been when we've been off-loading pre-painted miniatures. The D&D miniatures we sold recently and the HeroClix that we'll put up whenever I feel like selling them.


I've only listed and sold two painted miniatures on eBay, both of those stayed in the US. The second one going to the person who got outbid on the first, strangely enough. If I could find the time to paint more, I'd probably try to sell more.


The one thing that I think will change everything is the changes to the Buy It Now listings, they're moving to a flat rate insertion fee (35 cents) and the listings will stay up for 30 days instead of 7. I know that we're planning to take advantage of it because there are some cards/items that we simply can't take less than a certain price for like Magic booster packs and boxes where we know the precise amount of money we have tied up in them. There's also cards and miniatures that we want a minimum return on but don't mind seeing leave at a lower than average price.


There have been a lot of changes proposed and implemented that's leaving me a lil' less than impressed with eBay right now, but it's 'wait and see' as ever.

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