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Had to do it.

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Saw this and just had to get it. Nearly shouted at me to get him. Will do my best to do him justice.


Cleaned him up as best I can and at the primed stage. Looking at the photo now, I see more needs to be done on the right shoulder and arm. Didn't see it when I was indoors.




His hands and weapon and 'back-shell' are also primed but I will paint these up separately then fix together later when I do the straps and stuff.

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Ok, this is my soul searcher after some work on skin tones and his blades.


His hands are only stuff on with tack just to see how he looks. Haven't touched the shell yet.




I'm quite happy with him as this is the first time I've used that type of skin effect. How am I doing and is there anything I can do to improve his skin?


Missed a whole shoulder with skin tones. Got that to paint and blend now. RATS!

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The blades do look quite cool. I'd continue highlighting the skin. What have looks good, but I think you can bring out the musculature more. What colors are you using?

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Sorry for not posting in a while. Been a bit mad here.


Nearly finished him with not a lot of pics.


This is nearly done. Just the base to go.





Once I've got his base done, I'll get some pics done outside.


Have I improved any?


Quick edit: been comparing pics and am going to work on the cloth a bit more. More shadow and highlights I think, though not too much highlighting, it's light enough for me.


DavidVC04: Skin colour

All paints are GW (as I can't get any others)

Base Iyanden Darksun, well watered down and a couple of coats.

Using vaiour mixes of Ogre Flesh, Gryphonne Sepia and a little Asurmen blue washes

Highlights from a mix of Iyanden Darksun, Bleached bone, Skull White and Sunburst Yellow.


Don't ask for formulas as I am not that organised. The shades tend to develop as I paint. Could shoot the muppet who comes up with some of the names for the paints.

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