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Painting Workshop (Sat. Aug. 30th)

Whizard Hlavaz

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OK. The date has been officially set with Toy City. Saturday Aug. 30th. Schedule of topics and address/directions to follow.


I'm sorry for those who can't make it. On the bright side, the manager of the store was pleased to hear that I may be willing to do a September/October session as well. He's had people asking for my class. So if you can't make it, I will likely hold another workshop this year. At that rate, we could begin to look toward an "official" NE paint day in this neck of the woods for the fall (Oct/Nov) if folks would like. What do you all think? Should we open the discussion of an "official" day? If so, everyone start looking at their calendars so we can better target a date that's convenient for as many of us as possible.


-Darin. ::):

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OK, Kids. Here's the deal.


The workshop on the 30th will run from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. with the possibility of an after-store-hours extension. It will be held at:


Toy City

133 Key Road

Keene, NH 03431

Phone: 603-352-3131


The schedule will feature several focused discussions/demonstrations as well as open painting and advice/critique.


Schedule as follows:


10:00 a.m. - Basic Painting

12:00 noon - Painting Faces

1:30 p.m. - Advanced Shading and Highlighting

3:00 p.m. - Non-metallic Metal

4:00 p.m. - Creative Basing


Hope some of you can make it. If not, there will be other days, if not an official Fall N.E. Reaper-kidz Paint Day (which I can have hosted if someone gets the discussion rolling...)


Maybe I'll see ya next week.


-D. ::D:

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That would probably translate to no walking distance fast food like the Paint Day in Groton last year. :poke:


Oh, no. Keene's a college town and EVERYTHING is within walking distance. In fact, there's a KFC/Taco Bell and a Pizza Hut about 150 yards from the store entrance. Mmm... KFC...


Decado -- Just bring your paint and minis if you're going to paint. Bring finished minis if you want advice. As for the basing class and all... that'll probably be more demonstration than hands on. More of a discussion of possibilities, a quick demo of the ever popular "cork-rock" base, an overview of supplies. That sort of thing. Hope you can make it..

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It is official. I will not be able to attend. I'm just super busy with work and household projects, I just can't get away. The fact that the wife has me on one of those behavior-modification shock collars doesn't help much either. <_< Have fun everyone and I'll be with you in spirit.


We'll miss you, but not to worry. I'll hold another one in September/October. Or should we have an official day, kids? I can arrange to host here in Keene. No problem. <discuss>

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This sounds exactly like what I have been looking for. I'm a beginner and am trying to get a little better. Will this workshop be aimed at more experienced painters or someone sorta new like me? Or both? :)


Welcome, Telengard.


The answer to your question is 'Yes.' ::D:


The beginning half will be geared more toward beginner painters like you, and the second half will be geared more toward seasoned painters. That said, don't assume that the things covered in the second half are beyond you. Stay for the day. It's never too soon to start learning about all skills/techniques, even if you don't use them until later in your painting career. Learning now will help to keep your mind open to greater possibilities and maybe even save you the trouble of having to 'unlearn' bad habits that could impede your efforts toward mastering "advanced" techniques -- whatever they are. Everything builds off the same basic brushwork, and I honestly don't see why a beginner can't just jump right into practicing NMM, glazing, on-source lighting, and so forth. It may take a while to actually hit the mark, but you're still making progress toward ends you'll likely pursue anyway. This isn't gymnastics or something where you could break your neck if you fail. Only fear here is smashing little metal men with mallets in your frustration. Right, Phil? :;):


So stay for the day. We'll have some fun. Or try to. ::P:

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