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Another she Vamp


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Fine work! The skin is very smooth and seamless, and I like the feel of weight in the hair.


A few minor points that I would change:


1. The connection of the legs to the pelvis. I think the forward bulges of the thighs shouldn't go as high toward the iliac crest.


2. The knees. They are a bit too tall/long top-to-bottom, and I don't think the thigh muscles sit quite right. I still struggle with sculpting bare knees, too, but I tend to stylize them as downward-pointing triangles. Maybe some reference material of bare-kneed models in a fashion magazine or swimsuit issue would help? "Honestly, it's for research purposes!" :;):


3. The insides of the upper arms. Leave more of a hollow where there isn't any muscle, and hint at the biceps above.


4. The elbows. I can see that you paid attention to the reality of the shapes, but maybe the knobby end of the humerus could stick out a little more here, and the point of the elbow (end of the ulna or radius?) could be a little more prominent.


5. The eyebrows/expression. I would prefer to see more complex arch shapes -- maybe even asymmetrical, with one cocked, for a more interesting expression. Also, I would eliminate the concavity between the forehead and the brows, i.e. the brows should not stick out visibly from the forehead. Let the painter add the eyebrows.


6. The face. If you want her to look European rather than Asian, I would suggest working more depth into it: push the eyes back, make the bridge more pronounced. I find that I can make a protruding volume smaller more easily than I can do the reverse... as evidenced by many abandoned faces with shallow noses, sucked-in lips, and weak chins. ::P: Now when I first apply putty to a face, I add an extra strip down the center, and it becomes the nose, lips, and chin. I still had to add extra putty to the lower lip on my last few sculpts, too, since I had pushed the lower lip in too deep.


Anyway, thanks for the show-off!



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