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Warlord Rules??


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Okay, so I have the old hardcover rulebook and I'm getting back into Warlord after

a long break.


1. Is there a new set of rules or just a second printing?


2. I have the Rage Chronicles for 2008 so I have all the errated card info correct?


3. Still no official status for: 02680: Undead Troll? (for Necropolis)



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If the id is 02680, then I don't think it's a Warlord model, they start with 14###



First off, thank you for the replies...


second: Does anyone know if any of the other minis that aren't 'Warlord' minis

are going to be made 'official'?


I understand that all of Reaper's Dark Heaven Legends line cannot be given Warlord

stats but why can't some of them?



02680 : Undead Troll (Necropolis)

02026 : Brigette of the Blade (Crusaders)

02077 : Carnessa the Terrible (Overlords)

02675 : Giant Snake (Reptus)

02524 : Alvhaera, Dark Elf Cleric (Darkspawn)




I just don't understand why the 'official' Warlords minis are so limited considering the

wealth of minis Reaper has...



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Well, although those minis you named probably wont be getting stats for themselves, the GOOD NEWS is that Reaper has given an OFFICIAL PROXY RULE that states ANY model in the game other than the actual warlords CAN be proxied by DHL models.


So, that means if you like your models you listed more than the actual models from the game, you are free and legal to proxy them in....

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With over 400 models in the game, it is hardly limited, just because the particular model that any one person thinks should be in the game isnt. If everyone got to have their particular model in the game, it would become unruly in no time. So, instead Reaper UNLIMITED their game by saying you can use any model you want in the game by proxyng it for one of the 400 models in the game.

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