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Jolie, female scribe

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Hi all,


Alright so the tag line isn't really correct. I've never actually posted any figure before.

I've wanted to do a WIP for a long time and I finally got a space to set up the camera.

Luckily, I managed to get a shot that didn't cut off her head. Don't ask about family photos,

I'm not allowed near a camera, normally. :devil:


I'm painting the figure for a very good friend of mine so any critiques and criticisms are welcome.

That which does not kill me can only make me a better painter. ::D:





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Well, I lost most of my morning sleeping in so I made very little progress on her.

Not that I would have made a whole lot of progress without the sleep. I really

am an extremely slow painter. All I've managed to do today is to roughly block in

the colors to see how well they'll work together. It is horribly rough at this stage

so I don't normally let anyone see it until I've fixed it up a whole lot but I wanted

to post what I had so far before my roommate comes home and drags me onto

the computer to play video games......darn! :lol:


To answer your question l33t ninj4, I wanted her in a dark, almost midnight blue dress

with silver lining but was convinced that gold would look better with the blue. The bodice

will, eventually, be brought up to a white but started in the darker grey tones. I'm hoping

to put in a little time before I have to go to work tomorrow afternoon working on the face.

It's the hardest part so once that's done I'll feel better about the project overall.


She is a cool figure, tombwalker. I've wanted to paint her for ages and finally have a good

excuse to get off my behind. Just hope my progress isn't too slow.



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Hey all,


I got almost no time today and couldn't post pictures 'til I got off work just a short while ago.

That said, I did lining along the face and eyes, what I've dubbed the raccoon phase. I call it

that because in my earliest painting days, my first attempts at lining left my Imperial Guardsmen

looking like a bunch of really scared bug-eyed men with raccoon masks on their faces. They're

quite terrifying. ::P:


It's still just a rough job as the touch ups and cleaning come much later for me. I've seen so many

great painters make each step pure perfection. Which brings me to you, dargrin. ::D: I appreciate

your words of encouragement, but it really is alright to acknowledge that these pics look pretty bad.

It's just the opening phases after all.



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Oops, forgot I had pics of the clean-up. I've worked more on the eyes, adding a touch of color

and cleaning up the skin. I still wish I could add that little dot of white on the eye for the

"glisten" you can see in dargrin's excellent work, as well as other really exceptional painters.

I haven't been able to convince the paint to leave my brush yet, after trying on numerous minis.

I think I need a new brush. Sure. That'll fix everything. :devil:





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I don't think I'd ever feel qualified to call somebody else's paint jobs "bad".


I used to paint miniatures with model paint and a sewing pin.


Yes, that's just as gruesome as it sounds.


Then I came here, and discovered the wide wonderful world of primer... thinned paints... paint brushes. ::P:



Actually I think she's coming along nicely, and there's something to be said for the fun of the early stages when you can be a little bit sloppy. Harkens back to mud and being a kid or something. Or fingerpainting.


Priming is my favorite part, because it's the part I'm least likely to screw up. :lol:

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She's looking quite good.

this mini is alot of fun to paint. I've done 2. well 1 7/8 really. I got almost done with the second one and dropped her...keep meaning to fix her up.


I like the eyes so far. they're not super defined inside but they giver her this 'look' that i can'd describe. sortof a "oh, really, you think so do you..."


Word of advice on the greys. They are a pain. I can do reds, blues, blacks, whites, yellows, whatever, but greys are the ones that always give me issue. And its not picking the colors for shade and highlight, i think it has to do with maybe a different opacity in the paints or something. (well it 'could' be me)

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Hey all,


Thanks for the words of encouragement. I've been off overly long due to the tax free

weekend and the attendant recovery from said event. Too many hours shopping and

not enough time sleeping.


I'm with Sergeant_Crunch. I've managed to mess up priming before. And, yes, Evilbob

her eyes aren't quite right. I can't put that little sparkle in them for some reason. Not sure

what I'll end up doing there. I'll either leave well enough alone before trying to re-dot the

iris and ending up with a Hitler mustache on her or I'll give it a go and see what happens.

What can I say? I'm a wuss about risking fixing what's half broke. I envy your ability to work

well with black. I can do greys and browns alright but black is hard to highlight. And the shading

is a nightmare. :devil: JK I've worked on the skin highlighting and shading but for some reason

it's not coming out in the picture very well at all, unlike in person. I think I'll have to do it over

tomorrow. Also, noticed something weird going on on her chin. That'll need a fixin'. At least I'm

back at the paint table (breathes sigh of relief).


So here's the latest pic complete with spot.



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Hey all,


Sorry about the delay. I thought I was getting back to the paint table but life in

retail management tends to cut those kind of dreams short. But today I had a

little time at the table. Hopefully I can make progress over the next two mornings

before going to work but we'll just have to see how many phone calls come up.


I worked on the skin more to make it pop more. I'd forgotten the second half of

Anne's mantra to me: "when you think you've highlighted enough. Take it up another

level." Brought the skin up but it still looks awful. Leave it to high magnification to

make anything look worse. :blink: I also found out why that dark spot kept appearing

on her chin in the photos. Apparently, Jolie's been into something as she has a tiny little

divot in the metal. It really shows up well in photos, as you can see. Not really noticeable

in person unless, like me, you know EXACTLY, where to look. :rolleyes: What can ya do?


So without further delay, here's the latest progress:



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The skin is coming nice together. Normally I push up the highlights to white for female skins. But the pure white would only be used for very fine spots, like the top of the nose, top of chin and the outer top of the lower eyelid.

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