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Jolie, female scribe

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Hi All,


Thanks for the compliment tuxit but, yeah, I'm not sure why I've always shied

away from proper highlighting. I'm still struggling with it even now. I highlight,

just not nearly enough. I've been working on the dress, slowly (okay, glacially)

all week trying to get it done. It's still not there. I need some serious touch ups

but here's the latest.





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Hey everybody,


At long last I've had two glorious days to myself to paint. Almost pure luxury. Anyway,

I've almost finished her off. I just have to do some touch ups and then post to show off,

assuming I show her off. It's not as good as I'd like but better than much of my previous

work. Finally took a back shot too to show off that side. Pic is still too bright.




post-4697-1221678947.jpg post-4697-1221678954.jpg

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I found your process interesting. She started off pretty loose and watery-looking, but you really tightened it up for the finish and the detail work is good. I especially like the hair.



My picture-taking sucks, too. That's why it's been a long, long time since I've posted a pic. I might want to do that soon, though.

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I've found this thread to be very inspiring. Mainly because the initial images were "wow, that's basic blocking..." and then showing how you fixed it all and made it work and look beautiful. Makes me hope that I can make my stuff look as good.


Very well done. Should definitely post it on Show Off. :-)

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