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ShadowForge Female Foot Ball


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Hi everyone, bee nawhile since I posted a wip. This is the first instalment of some new minis I just got in the other day. I picked up the whole team plus some of the extra figs that will give me a total of around 20 when I'm finished with them.

I know I'm pretty far along on one of them but this is what the team as a whole will look like and would like some input on the team colors, ect.

They are still wet since I'm trying to use oils on them as well. One thing I don't care for is the faces on them. The mouth's remind me of a squid or fish. Something along those lines. Was thinking of switching to black lip stick to go more along with the whole darker look to them. Still have some work to do on them and touch up.

Still plan on doing the whole basing thing with grass, yard markers and team numbers but that will come last.


These two are the experiment to see how everything turns out as far as colors, ect. and using the oils on a smaller mini.






Thanks for any input you might have



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there is a lot of black already there. Are you going to paint the panties/garters purple or leave those black?


Hey JB,


Was planning on leaving them black but purple is an option. I hadn't really considered it. Think it would look better that way? Could try it and see how it turns out with the next one to compare them side by side.

Thanks ::D:

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A little bit more work on them. Decided to go with the purple silkie look to the panties. Thanks JB, think it looks better. Going to stay with the black garters though to match the rest of the team outfits.

My next problem I've run across is the nurses hat. Want to stay with a black but you cant see the red very well if I put a cross on it. Suggestions?

Could leave it just as it is, or maybe go for a very bright, almost neon one to make it stand out better was what I was thinking.


Still dont like the faces on them, just wierd sculpting.

Think they are looking ok so far, have to remember these are the first 25mm figs I've done in along time. Any other suggestions as far as how things are going so far?


In the end all the black on the outfits is going to be patent leather as well courtsy of future floor wax ::P:






Thanks for looking and any help you can give.


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Sadly no amount of paint is going to hide bad sculpting. I agree the lips look like fish lips. About the only solution I can think of is to try to paint them to look thinner. The cross could be done to look like that on International Red Cross vehicles. A white square with the red cross in the center.

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Think I have the first two done. Did alot of work on the nurse and got her to look half way normal, or at least like she is mad as hell and not some kind of big lipped mutant. ::P: My free hand is terrible so I had to use micro pens for the lettering on the QB's base and the red cross. I'm going to give the whole team numbers similer to actual NFL positions for a bit of realisim.


Next group of minis is going to be the cheerleaders. I like these guys, neat looking I think except for the goofy faces again. I'll try and do better with the wip pictures and updates this time. In total, it's going to be around 20 minis once I'm done with the whole team and the extras.


Thanks again for all the help with the first two and any suggestions with the next set.






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A few more pics with some progress on the cheerleaders.


JB- May add some laces to the ball, none were sculped is why I didn't do it at first.





Thanks again for any comments or suggestions. Still have alot of touch up to do and dark lining with the skin.

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Little bit more on the update. All I did with the skin so far was a light wash of brown. Should be ready to start on the skin and outfits soon, spliting my time working on a Pegeso 54mm as well. Still have some touch up to do on the eyes as well.






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