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Whats the future of Warlord?

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I hope WARLORD isn't dead, I just bought 30 models!!!


Warlord isn't dead, just a little sick in certain regions.


It all matters where you are. It's huge in some places and not so much in others. I live in Ohio, Cincinnati where I am is pretty hard to get games. But an hour and a half North they play weekly, do tournaments and paint days and even run a league. From Columbus to Mansfield they have a great group, but I don't know of anyone from Toledo or Cleveland that play. I'm sure a lot of areas are like Ohio.


I think the key is having a place to play and a really dedicated Black Lightning member. We have good BLs in my area but no place that is very central to play.


It's a great game if you can build a group.

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I'm going to try my darnedest to get a regular game going around here. There's enough GW players at the store regularly that I have hope I can turn more than a few to Warlord as well.

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