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I've been browsing the asylum store looking for some new goodies to order, when I noticed something odd. The Warlord Army boxes, have 3 minis (approx) in them and cost $39 - but the DHL army boxes have 3-4 minis and only cost $12


As the warlord range are about $5 per mini, why are three so much more expensive, but the DHL boxes are about the price I'd expect (a little cheaper, actually)


Am I missing something, is there other stuff in the warlord boxes that arn't in the photos? I think I must be missing something, why the huge diffence in price?



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The Warlord Army Packs are very reasonably priced for the amount of models you get, and the quality. 'Nuff said.


I wish I had a source in the U.K. for you to score them, so maybe another forum member from over there will chime in and give some direction.



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My FLGS stocks some of the Warlord range. Being UK we don't get all of it ::(:<_<


Spirit Games

Station Street


Staffordshire, UK


Don't know the number but the place is just down from the train station as you head into town. Less than a couple of minutes walk. If your after anything specific, he can be persuaded to order it, if your nice to him. He looks like he should have a staff and a familiar, if you know what I mean. Wicked fun too.

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