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Great Old Fantasy Movies


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List your favorite old fantasy movies! Might make some good stocking stuffers come this Christmas :) I know theres a few I'd like to get on DVD but there's others I have probably forgotten about or may have never even seen.


The Dark Crystal (get the DVD, special features on it are great!)




The Princess Bride



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Technically, Alien and Aliens are Science Fiction but they're still pretty good movies ::D:


As far as my own favorite fantasy movies go...



The Dark Crystal (yes, the special features on the Special Edition are awesome)

The Princess Bride


The Neverending Story

Time Bandits

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The Alien anthology is sci-fi, true, but sci-fi and fantasy go hand in hand; feel free to include them here! :)

Especially appropriate when so much sci-fi is more sci-fantasy than sci-fi.


A lot of my favorites have already been mentioned, but also

Any of the old Ray Harryhausen flicks:

Jason and the Argonauts was mentioned

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad

There are sets of some of the Harryhausen fantasy stories, and another of his sci-fi stuff that are pretty good deals (my wife got me the fantasy set, but we don't have the sci-fi stuff yet)


King Kong

Mysterious Island

Journey to the Center of the Earth

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


Army of Darkness (too much comedy for me to class it as horror)

Clash of the Titans

Big Trouble in Little China

Flash Gordan (Max von Sydow rocks as Ming)

Red Sonja

Trancers IV & V (sci-fi meets fantasy)

Sword and the Sorceror (so bad it was good)

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Let me pull one out of left field: Rankin & Bass' Return of the King.


On a more serious note, their Hobbit deserves mention.


Excalibur & MP&tHG are also musts.


Wait - hold - on, wait for it - this pushes the acceptability factor: Knightriders, starring Ed Harris. LOL!

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