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Kjord Barbarian Ranger!!

Darius Glenwell

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Your rendition has much higher contrast (with those deep, near-black shadows), and I like the icy/rocky base that you added. The high contrast is working well for you; if you have time, I would suggest smoothing out a few transitions that look rather abrupt, especially the right biceps and the upper-middle of the cloak, right under the hood.


When I painted mine, I think I had just finished rereading one of the Fritz Leiber collections, so I wanted to paint a figure that looked like Fafhrd. :;):


Well done!



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Thanks guys! I am still working on getting my transitions smoother. Using a lot of washes and glazes to smooth the highlights out.

Hey Krztoff! We should get together sometime! I'm just up north here in Coon Rapids! Burnsville ain't that far!


Working on a set of War Maidens of Ritterlich. Soon as I get them done I'll post them! Thanks again for the critiquing.

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