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Is there a way to purchase just directions and figs for learn to paint kits?


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Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, there is not. I'm not able to give an "official" answer because I don't work for Reaper, but when I've asked for them, I've been unable to get them. If you know someone who might be interested in getting started, perhaps you could buy them together, you could use the instructions, and then give the rest of the kit (with instructions) to the other person?

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If you want to do that kit's instructions and minis it's probably just as well to get it together than separate. At least you'll have some extra paint.


Miniature-giant sells the kit at a discounted price, but I'm not sure which version since they show the old box. They probably have the new ones if you ask specifically for it.


If you didn't want to buy the kit but still wanted to learn the technique there are many web tutorials which can be used with any mini.


I'd buy the kit anyway if it were me, but your mileage may vary.


Edited to add:


If you've done skintones and the NMM kit already, you already have the instruction for layering from kit 2. The NMM builds on and advances those basics and the Skintones kit is a much more detailed instruction than kit 2.


I'm not sure it would be a lot of benefit to you technique-wise except for practice and some tips for layering odd colours like red.

Fun kit all the same, but if you've been through 3 and 4 there probably isn't anything new in it.

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