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Reaper Fantasy Football Season 4


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1 Phoenix Blood 7-1 W6

2 The Lightbringers 5-3 L2

3 Groo and The Wanderers 4-4 L1

4 Cancer Beaters 3-5 W1


1 Gnu G-nomes 5-3 L2

2 Rocky Mountain Dwarven Stouts 4-4 W1

3 Thorgrams Grunts 4-4 W1

4 Reading Renegades 3-5 L2


1 The Mystery Men 5-3 W5

2 Haldir's Hellions 3-5 L1

3 Forgewalk Minions 3-5 L1

4 Autumn Wind 3-5 L4


1 Arizona Cardinals 4-4 W1

2 Phoenix Legionnaires 4-4 L1

3 Evil Oompaloompas 4-4 W2

4 Ritterlich Tigers 3-5 W3


Week 8 Scores

Rocky Mountain Dwarven Stouts def Groo and The Wanderers 82-61

Arizona Cardinals def Autumn Wind 68-28

Thorgrams Grunts def Forgewalk Minions 62-49

Phoenix Blood def Reading Renegades 77-69

Ritterlich Tigers def Haldir's Hellions 101-81

Evil Oompaloompas def Phoenix Legionnaires 82-60

The Mystery Men def Gnu G-nomes 79-61

Cancer Beaters def The Lightbringers 46*-46



Week 9 Schedule

Ritterlich Tigers at Groo and The Wanderers

Thorgrams Grunts at Autumn Wind

Arizona Cardinals at Reading Renegades

Phoenix Blood at Phoenix Legionnaires

The Mystery Men at Cancer Beaters

Rocky Mountain Dwarven Stouts at Gnu G-nomes

Evil Oompaloompas at Forgewalk Minions

The Lightbringers at Haldir's Hellions

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Trade Announcement


Groo and the Wanderers and the Evil Oompaloompas have agreed to the following draft day trade:


Evil Oompaloopas get Groo's 1st round pick #4 overall. Groo gets Evil's 1st round pick #12 overall, Evil's 2nd round pick #28 overall and Evil's 3rd round pick next season.

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I'll have to look thru my spreadsheets tomorrow, but WR Bryant johnson went somewehere, just cant remember who at this time. I am gonna claim him for the moment, just in case my notes prove wrong, but if i find out who then obviously you can help move him from my roster to wherever the correct place should be.

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Seems the preseason isn't being kind to anyone on my roster.... oh well, we'll see what happens :o)


Weeks 3 and 8 are gonna be so much fun.... can the Blood do the double over the Mystery Men, and how will the Renegades fare :oD


Some ppl were commenting yesterday how week 7 was gonna suck... well both my D's are on bye that week.... I'm wondering if I should have looked at that before drafting the Cards' D :o)

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