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Reaper Fantasy Football Season 4


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Thanks for doing the draft, I was fully intending to just fill in my remaining roster slot with post draft free agents. My starters were good enough, I just needed a backup or two.


On the plus side. Went to 6 open houses, did drive-bys on another 20, and have 3 very likely houses to pursue further. House hunting is exhausting. And the sheets I made for the houses looked like my usual draft board. So I was drafting in spirit. Just instead of grouping by position, they are grouped by town, lot size, BR, and cost ::):


Minions: "For our 4th round, the Minions willl pick the 4 BR, 2.0 bath Colonial on West Forest as our starting QB"

Announcer 1: "Ah yes, an excellent choice for the Minions. That Colonial has some impressive numbers. It's a little older than most rookies but in excellent physical shape, and just look at how big it is."

Announcer 2: "Definitely! His performance in the combine was excellent. He scored nearly top of the class in most categories."

Announcer 1: "Plus, bonus for the Minions, because he declared late, they are going to get a veteran QB that could likely start at rookie salary."

Annoucer 2: "Such a steal..."

Annoucer 1: "I think everyone had the Minions picking the 3 BR, 1.5 bath Colonial in this round, but I think they shied away from the Running back because he is rather small for his position and they were worried about injuries."



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