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Reaper Fantasy Football Season 4

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It was so nice that our beloved commish decided to leave both Shrub (26 pts) & Jackson (who?? Rams, noooo really?? 24 pts) on the bench today!!




thou oddly my scoring sheet says Eagles D has 12 but then you look at the pop up & it says they have 3????


also are sacks included in D scoring?

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Before the Dallas game I thought I was in line for over 100 points this week, who would think that the week where Barber doesn't even break into double figures is the week where I get my first W for the season. Gotta love Coles and his new quarterback, who were this 'Green Bay' says here his best ever game was for the Green and White. :D

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Standings, Scores and Schedules have been updated. Week 3 trophies have been handed out (anybody actually checking these out or am I just amusing myself?)

I check them weekly... even though I have not won one of the good ones yet :)



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