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Coming to the OH-IO


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So after six years of been here in Germany (wow its been a long time!) I am finally visiting my father in Columbus, Ohio next week.

So I was wondering where is the best place for me to fill up on some Geek goods? I'm talking RPGs, minis, comics hell anything that screams gamer geek! ::D:


I live in Columbus so its great you asked!!


There is The Guardtower on Trabue, dont know the address, and the dont have a website but you should be able to find them pretty easily in the phonebook.


There is also Alley Cat Games and Comics in Dublin. The website is Alley Cat. Both locations have open gaming and sell all kinds of gaming items.


You also have Ravenstone, Laughing Ogre, and several others that I cant remember the names of right now. Hope this helps!!

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In Columbus:

- Guardtower: 3600 Trabue Rd.; (614) 488-4311 [iIRC everything except comics]

- Ravenstone Games: 1675 Karl Ct.; (614) 844-6463, owner: Mike Williamson [iIRC everything except comics]

- Laughing Ogre: 4258 N. High St.; (614) 267-6473 [iIRC mainly juct comics]

- Hobbyland: 206 Graceland Blvd.; (614) 888-7500

- Hobbyland: 6650 Sawmill Rd.; (614) 766-2300


In Mansfield (north of Columbus, in case coming back on C-130 of 179th):

- Realm of Heroes: 1350 W. 4th St.; (419) 529-8441

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It has been ages since I was up there, but the last I remember, only Ravenstone and Guardtower had Reaper minis. I'm not sure about Alleycat, since I've never been there, but at a glance on their site and forums I don't see any direct mention of Reaper. So, phone calls to Ravenstone and Guardtower should narrow it down, if you have to choose between them. I would just visit both, if possible - they're generally good stores.


Also, according to Reaper's Store Locator, Hobbytown may also have some minis. I don't know how accurate that is, though. None of the last 4 Hobbytowns I have been in had anything resembling gaming materials or minis. Again, call ahead and save some driving around in frustration.

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I didn't know The Soldiery was still there. Looks like they're down to historicals, clix and a few other minis, according to the online store. How odd...when I follow the link to the online store, the domain name includes "drowsydragon". The Drowsy Dragon was a great little game shop east of downtown Columbus, just off Broad St in...Whitehall? I wonder what the connection is.

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