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Masked Vigillante

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I don't have anything of that sort on the immediate (next 90-day) schedule.


We have over 200 models listed in a "hey, we want a figure like this" document on the server, and I'm sure there's one of that type in that doc. Each month, we take a sampling out of there and assign a few out - so maybe. OTOH, the document grows each week by more than we can produce in a month, so it may be a while....

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If you are hunting for a "Shadow" figure, Pulp Figures has some "Shadows" in their Agents of Justice line -



In fact, I'd invite any of the reaper sculptors to take a peek at Pulp Figures and Artizan's pulp stuff for some inspiration


yeah, seen those, and I like them, I dont care for the other two in the bottom of the pic and he doesnt sell them seperate

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