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Dull Cote Debacle bah!!


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So I decided to use purple ink to get the shading started but after brushing it on decided it was a bit garish. Went on to use a purple triad that turned out really nice (painted over the ink). Now on to the coating.


The spray: All the ink somehow managed to come to the surface and pooled everywhere! On the highlights, crevices even sloshed its way into my demons mouth. All my hard work ...... and love down the drain.


Has this ever happened to anyone? Mightn't I have sprayed too much? I'm actually thinking the first blast was too long. Or is there an ink caveat that I'm not aware of?




Managed to salvage him somehow; once I get some courage I'll start posting my minis pics. So far I've completed an astounding three!




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The ink had actually dried for over 24 hours. Not all of it had been covered up with the new shading color but that said when i sprayed the dull cote on it seemed like "all" of the ink had come to surface. Tons of it. I'm going to try an experiment with inks see if it holds well with the dull cote spray - or maybe I was just a bit heavy with the coating.



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