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NOVA Guards


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"Hi! We're constant reminders that you were really dumb, and used spray sealer in over 100 degree heat and high humidity! Go team stupid!"




MSP brush-on sealer saved them mostly, there's still a gritty, dusty-hue to these. Auto-leveling the pictures takes most of it away, but it's really visible in person.


I tried to keep them simple, and just do the scheme in the gallery, only in red and yellow.


The only part that I'm really happy with is the shading on the yellow. It's one of the MSP yellow triads (the one that includes Marigold Yellow), and it worked really well.


Sorry for the crappy pics. I promise better next time. The models are great.




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Wholesale orders normally take about 5 days to arrive here when I order them - so it shouldn't be too much longer for retail orders. Nice thing about them is that they are the same plastic that is used for standard bases as opposed to resin. Makes them more durable, and very easy to add debris and what not in the form of other styrene parts.


BTW - they are the same bases that Aberrant Games sells (ABG 0001 and ABG 0002) - so if you are looking at ordering some, you might want to see if you can piggy back them with a supplier who deals with Rezolution miniatures.

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