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Well, I Was in the ol' FLGS today, and listening carefully to any miniature that said 'paint me', and got nothing. Talking to my friend, he said 'they have the new Citidel Paints'. I scoffed in his direction (scoff-scoff) and said 'they're OK, but only if you wanna plant an army in 2 weeks, I'll be lucky to get a mini done a week'.


The conversation continues in like manner for some time.


We finally 'agree to disagree' which is Politik for 'I'm arguing with the guy who's giving me a lift home, I better shut up right now'.


I did mention my pleasure at using Reaper Paints, and then I hear the Store Owner say 'We also carry Vallejo Paints!'.


I spin my head around so fast my neck pops (ouch) and walked over. Lo and behold, he did infact have them. He's only got Vallejo Game Colors, but it's a start.


And 3 bucks a pot ain't bad IMHO.


So I picked up 10 of them tonight, mostly skintones to check them out. If they pass Official lstormhammer Testing, I will go back and get the rest, and tell said store owner to order me the Model Colors, as well...


--bwhahaha. my power grows!


--lstormhammer, Jedi Painter and friend of Captain Solo.

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I think you'll like those Vallejo paints, lstorm. I use Model Colors now (and so can't speak to the Game Color line specifically) and have been very happy. The pigmentation is great. The price you paid seems a little high, however. You can get them a bit discounted online (and with free shipping at some retailers is worth it).


Enchantra, as I said above, I can't speak to the Game Color line, but I can speak to the Model Color line. I've found the Vallejo and Reaper paints to be comparable. I enjoy using both equally.


Besides the obvious differences in packaging, the Vallejo paint is more viscid; it drops from its bottle in a dollop that holds its shape as opposed to the Reaper, which is more fluid and will spread on the palette more like water. Clearly there is far more fluid (whatever agent that may be) in the Reaper bottles, which makes for more immediate usability than the Vallejo. The Vallejo requires the addition of a substantial amount of water and flow improver (at least equal in part to pigment) to use. You can't paint from the bottle with Vallejo. It would be like painting with oil from the tube or Elmer's glue.


On the other hand, the Vallejo paint packaging is easy to clean and keep clean. I often find the cap of my Reaper paints gunked up with dried paint skin due to the fact that the paint flows out to the boundaries of the cap unless immediately cleaned off. The addition of a lip along the inner lining of the cap could help to control this to some extent, but I would still prefer dropper bottles.


A note on dropper bottles: despite the convenience, they aren't always what they're cracked up to be in terms of dispensing paint. I can add just a dab with a brush from a Reaper bottle (and replace paint if necessary) whereas this is more difficult with Vallejo's dropper bottles. Although consistent in dispensing the same amount of paint each time (which mind you is *very* nice), sometimes you want just a bit less that the normal amount (when touching up for instance).


In terms of colors, I love both lines. Each has some really beautiful hues to choose from. Vallejo does carry a greater variation of shades of each of their colors in the Model Color line than Reaper has at present, but any artist with a modicum of proficiency can easily mix such gradations with their Reaper paints. Just the same, I buy from both lines, sometimes overlapping colors in the process, but I buy with heart and eye, not from a list of colors that I already possess.


Adhesion: Both lines adhere well. They apply well. They stay put well. Since I usually thin even my Reaper paints, there's little difference to my eye when working with them beyond the extra time (and that's so little at that) required to prep the Vallejos for use.


All in all, I have no preference of one over the other. Reaper is more readily available to me in my area (I've had to mail order my Vallejos), which gives them an edge. However, were Vallejo just as readily available, it would be a toss up as to what color I happen to be looking for at the time. Were Reaper to switch to dropper bottles, I'll admit I'd be more attracted to their product (I'm really anal about paint skins in my paint -- too many bad experiences with GW paint...). The fluidity of their paints means I can dip and brush to touch up. Not so with Vallejo, which would be more like spackling.


Hope that helps. Forgive my having waxed on for so long. I like to hear my self talk.  :)


-The Whiz.

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Reaper has good water based metallics, and some oddball colors.


The Vallejo Game Color line is thinner than the normal Vallejo colors, or Reaper, but has the same pigment level as Vellejo. It settles a lot and one must shake often!


Reaper's paint tend to suffer from a gel-like stage when drying, it can be very easy to tear up wet paint that's just be laid down. This has improved though, it's not as big a problem as before. Paint in thin coats, and it'll all work out, Trying to use reaperin a heavy 1 coat basecoat for speed painting will not work as well as Vallejo.


Reaper has 'ink' colors too. Their inks have saved me from having to mix my own all the time to make washes. Wood, Flesh and black inks are gods!


Plus they have some good oddball colors too.

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So basically both are good to have and work nicely and it's just a matter of using that which you are able to find?


That sounds cool.    :D

Yes, absolutely.


As I say, they both have beautiful colors and handle virtually the same once thinned. Both have great pigmentation and go a long way.


Naturally, you should try both if you get the chance (I went out of my way to track down Vallejo to try them) and see what you like, but I use them interchangeably. Heck, I mix 'em!  :)


Crusoe is right about Reaper inks. They rock. I have two of Vallejo's transparent colors (seemingly inks) and don't really have an opinion about them as I hardly use them. I guess that's a vote for Reaper there. They have more choices.


Of course, there is something else to think about when buying -- you don't get a severed head in your Vallejo bottles...  :;):

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The Vallejo requires the addition of a substantial amount of water and flow improver (at least equal in part to pigment) to use. You can't paint from the bottle with Vallejo. It would be like painting with oil from the tube or Elmer's glue.

I've never understood this.  I paint with my Vallejo from the bottle all the time.  I don't see a problem.  I use water and/or future wash when I'm trying to get into the nooks n crannies or to layer, but I still use it from the bottle as well.


Maybe I'm doing it wrong.  I'm no Rembrandt when it comes to painting, that's for sure.  Though I do like dark colors. ;)

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The Vallejo model colors are thicker and sometimes come out of the bottle like paste, but you have to mix them very well.

I use all three lines* from Vallejo with excellent results. I can't find anyone in my area that carries Reaper paints.


*They are the model colors, the game colors, and the model air.


I would love to get my hands on some of the Reaper "oddball" colors, But I don't want to order over the internet for 1 pot of paint.

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The Vallejo model colors are thicker and sometimes come out of the bottle like paste, but you have to mix them very well.

Yes. This has been my experience as well. Some of my bottles do have more fluid in them and "flow" better than the others, but a great majority of them are quite thick and paste-like (even after having shaken the heck out of them -- so much so that I've nearly given myself tennis elbow -- Ouch!  :(  ) However, once watered down, they work lovely -- just like Reaper. It just takes a little more to get the Vallejos to where I want them.

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Hee hee !!!


Reaper will be coming out with dropper bottles. I can't recall it was mentioned that just the bottles would be available or if they would be selling the paint in them, but I know Anne said they were coming out with the droppers.


And Reaper mixes their own paint, which I found cool.  :unclesam:


I can't wait for the Reaper Kolinsky's to come out.

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