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Well colour me converted!

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So yesterday I got a nice big fat package from the folks at Mini-Giant. I had stumbled across their banner while cruisng CMON. When I saw they still had some old Pro Paint sets for cheap, I figured it was a good chance to round up a full set (minus inks and silks)... something I'd been planning to do for a while.


Yeah, I know the new ones are out and I plan on rounding them up, too. But I wanted to play with the old ones a bit. Figured since I was in for the paint I'd buy some Reaper kolinskys.


I'd read here and other places about what a difference good brushes make, but I wasn't totally convinced. Sure, my pro brushes wound up looking like little devil sticks with hairs all asunder... but that could be as much my inability to care for them and abuse as anything else.


Well, uh... nope. Turns out that kolinskys (and these aren't even the best) are so far removed in quality from the pro brushes that they might as well be manufactured on a different planet.


Not just the point they hold, but man... the way they flex so effortlessly when laying down paint and recover. It's beautiful. It's a wonder of the world. It's an ecstatic experience of such depth and power as to be akin to being kissed by an angel!



Ok, maybe that's a *little* over the top. But they're pretty awesome, pretty awesome indeed. Now I understand what this layering thing is about, now I see how it works.


Pro brushes are still useful for disposable grunt work, but if anybody out there is still struggling trying to get good results out of 'em then I urge you to upgrade ASAP. You won't regret it.


Plus I swear the kolinskys taste better. ::P:

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I'm stubborn, I still use synthetic brushes for a lot of things but my Series 7s have been getting more and more use. I know that I destroy brushes, so... I'll save the sables some abuse.


Just remember... If you lick a Kolinsky brush, you're liking a weasel butt. :poke:

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It's a very tasty weasel butt. :lol:



Yeah, it's an entirely different experience. I should've done it a lot sooner. I'll have to round up some series 7's to try, too. See if they're even better.


All the minis I did with the taklons/red sables are now taking a bath in simple green. They just won't do anymore.


I'm currently working on old DHL 2001, Reaper of the Apocalypse, Famine. He's being done with the new brushes, so when he's done if I can get some decent pics I'll pop him up in "Show Off". Probably alongside one of my older RP or RAFM minis (I'm not re-doing them, only the Reaper ones) and show the difference a quality brush makes. I haven't painted in over a year, so it's not like my skills have substantially improved since then. It's all in the brush.

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I hear all the time people are afraid to buy real brushes because they "destroy" their Taklons, but there just isn't a way to keep points on Taklons, no matter what you do. Don't fear the Russian Weasel Hind Fur ::D:.


I don't fear the Weasel Butt Fur... I fear the price tag, thus mine get used for most layering, glazing, and occassionally lining minis of a non-warjack sort. Basecoats, warjacks, and repainting silly lil' DDMs are where my synthetics get abused.

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As I say to all my students...sometimes it just isn't your skills that are the problem...it's your tools! Dang, you should have seen what some of them brought to class to learn feathering with. ((shudder))


I use my but fur for everything. But licking it? Has my cancer problems not taught you people anything yet? Don't lick your brushes! Do you have a clue what chemicals are on those brushes?! Come on, be true artists! They are taught from practically birth to never ever ever lick a brush. It's all fun and games until someone's gotta do chemo...

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