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My Dungeon!

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That is sweet! How big is it? How long did it take you?


it cobers the game table, so 3.5 x 6 (ish) most of the pieces are 3"x3", so I can make any arangement I want. it took about 6 months using Hirst arts molds, dental plaser and a whole lot of wood glue!

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Super sweet man! Green with envy here; I would love to put things like that together and run games with full 3D environments!


Great job; love the water effects and dame in distress. Did you sculpt that?


no, the dame is part of the alter set from Reaper

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That is AMAZING!!! I love every single detail! How long did it take? Did you put it together from a box? Do you use it in D&D or any other gaming??? :D



no, I used Hirst art molds, cast the blocks out of dental plaster and assembled from there. We will be using it for D&D very shortly

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Nice what mold did you use ?


Fieldstone Wall Mold #70

Fieldstone Accessories Mold #71

4" Round Fieldstone Mold #72

6" Round Fieldstone Mold #73

Fieldstone Bridge Mold #74 (Borrowed from a friend)

Ruined Fieldstone Mold #75

Dragon's Teeth Accessory Mold #80 (Borrowed from a friend)

Cavern Accessory Mold #85

Small Brick Mold #250

Flagstone Floor Tile Mold #260


of those the most useful ones I have found were #70, 75, 85 & 260

you almost have to get the 4 & 6" towers together (especially if you want complete floors for your 6" rooms)

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