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Not that my stuff comes close to comparing to the awesomeness of the recent minis that have been painted around here, but I figured I could throw some stuff on here and beg for mercy because of how my minis have been treated. :unsure:


This first one is 02826: Terezinya and Familiar. She looked better before we went on vacation and took her with to show her off. She ended up in a bag under the children's feet. We can't find her familiar, and the background she had has been destroyed. maybe if my husband ever gets around to finding her familiar and gluing her surroundings back together I'll post another pic, but for now, here's just her.




The second one is of a hassle free mini. An awesome Japanese school girl with a katana. Couldn't pass that up. Again, however, my children got to her, bent her backwards and chipped the paint, broke the tree. So, after several fixes of the tree I finally gave up gluing it back together, and glued some grass around her feet because I REALLY didn't want to repaint her, and the paint was only chipped off around her ankles. Probably shouldn't have announced that, though, huh? lol :blush:




Next we have my sorceress. I painted her to represent my character in our dnd campaign that we'll eventually get around to actually starting. She is 14022: Lysette, Elven Mage. This one I managed to protect from my kids. Had trouble with he eyes, but other than that I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. She's a fire mastery sorceress, in case you couldn't tell. :D




Finally we have the one that I just recently finished. He is a nasty bugger. Usually I don't like painting bad guys... But since my hubby asked so nicely, and he will be an enemy in our campaign... I decided to do it. Dave (my hubby) said he liked how it looked in the picture, so that's how I tried to paint it. My version looks worse than the professional version (obviously) but overall I'm happy with it. this one is 14210: Goblin Beastrider,Reven Capt.





As always, comments and constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for looking! ^_^

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I think they are well done. I guess the only thing I would say is work out getting smoother transitions (I'm working on that as well! LOL!) and you've got great shadows, now work on the highlights. I've painted the Elven mage too, and her eyes are just weird to paint! Mine looks like she's cross eyed or something.

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Love the first two, esp. the color choices and blending. I think Lysette's hair could contrast more with her clothes, but otherwise looks very nice. The goblin looks good, but I think the reds should vary more, looks like the same colors for cloth, tongues and blood.

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Don't pull your self down. The're good paint jobs all round.


For saying the first two had were-children attacks, I think they fared pretty well. If you hadn't said about the Japanese school girl, no one would know. Nice work. Love the colour scheme with Terezinya, your purples are great.


A little purple/red wash in the mouth would help on the Hyena with a touch up with your highlight colour. The eyes on it are spot on.

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