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Fantasy Combat


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I am looking for a medieval mass-combat rules that are not a GW product or a clone. I am not talking about Warlord, but something with full units of infantry, cavalry, etc... Any suggestions? Preferably products still in print... Anyone know if Reaper has any plans in this direction?


I have heard of one or two but don't have access to a hard copy for review. Has anyone read/played:


"Skull Cleaver" from Computer Strategies Pty Ltd

"Fantasy Rules 2nd Edition" by Chipco

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Mass combat fantasy is a harder one to find, simply because WHFB has had such a solid hold for so long.


I'm not sure of too many currently in print items, but here're a few I know of and enjoy:

Wargods of Aegyptus is in print, but based in Egyptian myth. There are plans for pseudo-classical Greek, Norse, and other tie in games, but they are still at the Con demo stage of development. A big plus is that several Reaper figures work very well in the game.

Clan War, while out of print, is still around. While oriental in flavor, it could be played with other models as proxies (ex: long bow/short bow instead of yumi/hankyu).

Chronopia (I much prefer the Target Games 1st edition) doesn't use massed formations like GW, but does scale up to good sized battles once you get the hang of it. Again, currently out of print, but around.


Those are some of the best I've played. For simple names to check out, you can go to:


That's the page for some Army Builder files tied to other games. I don't know about many of them, but it gives you something to research.

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Armies of Arcana


I second Armies of Arcana. It is not a GW clone in any sense. The point cost system allows you to "create stats" for any model(s) you own, allowing you to incorporate units of discontinued models/armies without a shedload of special rules and addendum. The rules are simple, elegant, and easy to learn. The heroes are not overpowering and the magic does not overpower the clash of armies.


The fifth edition is now available but no one in the states is selling it yet (commercially). A forum for the game can be found here http://rajdhillon.forumup.ca/index.php?mforum=rajdhillon and there are a few who are importing small lots for resale at a minimal mark up.

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