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The paranoia begins anew! mini help


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Now I'm getting paranoid, I am just about finished painting a dwarf from the DHA Boxed set. (Yes the shakes are almost gone... ya!). And I can't find the name of him anywhere.


I have looked in the following places -


Boneyard Discontinued mini's

Casketworks 2002 spring (which came in the boxed set)

Normal albumns

I asked UberFroschmeister


I think I saw a blistered version of him at the FLGS in Sydney.


So reaper, help! He is the monk looking dwarf with twin double axes, and the bare chest.


And if you do know it, could you add the name and numbers of the other dwarfs. I found most of the skeletons, and skeleton boss, but the others.... arrrgghhh.

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