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As suggested by Tombwalker


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As suggested by Tombwalker, I thought I'd put a few up. Feedback and critiscism or any pointers, tips, advice is welcome.


Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue



Fairy Elf Adept -------------------- Alyscia of the Forest

post-3711-1220986290_thumb.jpg post-3711-1220986302_thumb.jpg


Kierra Darkdreamer -------------- Lysette the Sorceress

post-3711-1220986328_thumb.jpg post-3711-1220986340_thumb.jpg


Kaitlin Succubus





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Nice figures and painting. Didn't know


Skin tones are excellent all round (especially Alyscia of the Forests', she'd make an Orc turn good!), with clothing and weapons up close behind.


Lysette the Sorceress' skin isn't quite as good as the rest, a little shading might help


Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue:

A bit more shadow in her clothing would help define them or it could be the photo!!?


Kierra Darkdreamer:

The only thing on her would be the gems in her crown and Belt/shirt. A crystal effect would bring them out. The cloak is outstanding. Very nice. I just haven't got a steady enough hand to that sort of work.

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Thanks for your comments, glad you like the fairy - she's one of my favorites (I've just bought another one, but I might keep this one for myself)




Thanks for your comments too. I understand what you mean about the skin, I hate skin I can never get it right using skin tones - I end up putting on too much and making it look lumpy and messed up.



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