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How do you TyeDye a mini ??

Amalor Myrnnyx

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I did this for a CBT competition. The theme was Inappropriate Camo. It finished first in the expert category:


GALATEA: Most mercenary forces have a paint scheme that scream who they are, but none so loudly as the newly formed Sonic Nightmare. Throwing aside all common sense, at least in this reporters mind, the Nightmare have gone for a scheme that defies logic.


Commander Simon Steele, the leader of the Mech company explains. "We wanted something unique. Something that sings. Something that says, well, we're here and we aren't afraid of you. Not like some other units that would use camoflague and camo-netting to hide their units. Who needs cowardly tactics like that. Stand tall and fight, or go away."


In the opinion of this reporter, I wouldn't invest any stock in the life expectancy of this mercenary unit.





As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown pottery welcome.

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