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50016 Rosie, Chronotechnician

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Hello everyone; I finally finished another mini, so I thought I'd post her up to show her off, plus get any criticisms or critiques you feel like throwing out as well.


I thought Bob did a fantastic job with this sculpt; I think she's one of the cutest minis in existence (tell Julie you get to have an extra cookie Bob!). I couldn't decide on Wrench or SMG though so I painted them both. You can see the yellow poster tack temporarily holding the tools to her hand in one of the shots.


Her tattoo was an idea that made me giggle when I thought of it, so I knew I had to paint it on. I think the heart with the arrow through it and "DAD" instead of "MOM" gives her even more personality than the sculpt already had.


So, I hope you like her! Lemme know what you think; it's the first mini I've posted with shaded metallics on it, so feel free to rip into it.









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I think the shading on the wrench is great, which makes it a clear favourite over the MP5-y thing, to me. Nice work on her face and ink also. My only nit-pick is that her super-shiney boots draw attention away from the rest of the mini. Lovely stuff!

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Great job. Your blends are making me jealous. The metallics on the boots stand out a bit too much, like they don't match the tone of the rest of the mini. Can you do NMM? I'm trying, but so far it's just been an exercise in frustration, so I'll probably stick with metallics when needed. I love your choice of colors. It's a very pleasing palette. That tattoo is fantastic!

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Wow! She's gorgeous! Can I have her?


What's funny is that I picture her more as a brunette, so this looks to me like she dyes her hair, but it seems even better that way. I have no problem with the boots, as I am working on Rosie myself right now, and I also was thinking of a brassy look.


I love her face. And the faded look of her mechanic-rag-red shirt.


I'm a little jealous to see I'm not the only one who paints yellow road stripes down the center of his modern mini bases, but since you base much more cleanly than I do, you win the invisible stack of $100 bills.


Awesome job.

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Thanks for the comments everyone!


More specifically: @DFo: since I usually use NMM I wasn't sure how much shine to leave on the metallics for the pictures; now I know after seeing them ::D:.


@Mamageek: I usually use NMM in all my stuff (here or here). NMM relies on smooth blending of colors, so practicing your NMM is a great way to practice your layering/wet blending/etc, and vice versa.


@Whyspyr: I'd actually looked up pictures of Kaylee to use, since if I watched my DVDs I wouldn't be working for a day or two. She always seemed to wear mis-matched clothing, though, so I didn't feel like wrestling with a complicated color scheme (hence my cheating and using black). I think I overglazed the pants, but when I was layering the highlights I kept my paint a bit thick and did crosshatches instead of my usual feathering. Oddly enough she looks smoother in real life, but the lighting of the photo setup picked up a bit of it in places.


@DRG: When I paint her again it'll be wrench for sure, I think.


@Flynn: If you stand in the fire and don't move I'm just going to do nothing and laugh as you die.


@Bob: Don't let all the sugary goodness go to your head! ::D:


@Bruunwald: I was going to go down the center, but I off-angled it to hit her foot to make an interesting angle with the wrench, or to help lead the eye up the MP5 towards her face.


re: @Flynn: Krom laughs at your comments. He laughs from his mountain.

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