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wrong head!


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I just got the Oriental Dragon tonight, and I took it out of the package and found that it was packaged with the wrong head! The picture is really bad, I know. I took it with my camera on my phone. But, you can tell that the Oriental Dragon is there, and the head almost looks like an Egyptian lady with a flower on her forehead and a bird on top of her head. Is there any way I can fix this? The store I got it from doesn't have another one. I really want to paint the Dragon. Any advice?


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If it was packaged wrong, then I'll give you the words of the immortal ReaperBryan:

if you send an e-mail to [email protected] with the part number, a description of the problem, and a mailing address, a friendly and helpful Reaper Employee will be happy to take care of you.


If they are not happy to do so, they will be flogged. Such is our commitment to your satisfaction.


Heck, I'm gonna go flog somebody right now, pre-emptively as it were. I hope this helps.


Long may his hotwings be spicy!

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That would be a interesting Naga like critter thou.


Yes, Reaper Customer Service is top notch. I bought the Master Series #1 release Queen of the Jungle & she didn't have a hand (either I lost it when I opened the blister or it was included, but a email to Bryan & I had 2 (they are extremely tiny!!) a week or so later.


Awesome service!!



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