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The Margara Twins


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Hi again :B):


I painted up 2 of Miss Margara, one for a friends birthday, and one for me to keep. I am giving my friend the one with 2 mushrooms. I am really happy with both, let me know what you think.


First time using a wet palette (absolutely love it) and a self made light tent. However, the camera settings still need some work ::P:




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Given the title of this thread and what I know of this mini, I figured there would only be one figure on display here... :devil:




In any event, nice work. Attractive color scheme. Your choice of gold on the chisel in her left hand reminds me how my grandfather used to take me and my brother for hikes along old railways in search of rail spikes. He'd paint any that we found gold, and we'd secret them away like treasures. Good times. Thanks for the memories...


You have no idea how much self control I just exhibited on that last sentence...



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