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And now for a little procastipainting


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I was really close to being finished on this from last month so I thought I would finish him before starting in earnest on my halloween entries. Most of his colors come from the MSP catalog with GW Reds thrown in for good measure. The shine on the figure is from the the freshly dried matte brush on sealer. I am going to play a game or two with him. ::D: As always C&C welcome. Enjoy!






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He looks really good, I have a question and a comment


Were you going for the shiney look for his cloak?


I think the red on the upper portion of your assualt rifle detracts from the fig, its almost too much red and kinda of gets lost in the cloak, maybe a gloss black with gold inlay or silver with red inlay, or Gold and black...


Over all I think he's great

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Nice-looking Space Marine (hurr.) I thought I was on Dakka for a second there. I especially like the grey of his armour - it makes the red and gold pop nicely. I'll still never figure out how he fits that bolter strap over those shoulder pads though.

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