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Meridiana & GW Witch Hunter


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Thought I'd stick up my lastest minis, for some feedback. I've got Meridiana, a Darkspawn Sargeant and a Games Workshop Mordheim Witch Hunter. We recently got given a load of GW stuff from my other halfs sister who doesn't have time to paint anymore, so this is the first GW I have to stick up.


I'd really like some pointers/comments/critiques, especially about skin and skin tones as I always seem to have trouble with this. This is why I've done Meridiana with dark skin tones, as these don't end up looking lumpy like some of my lighter tones do (I had to go over her about three times cause I wasn't happy with the way the lighter tones came out) Also, i'm not very good at highlighting (especially on arms and legs) so comments about these areas would also be welcome


Thanks in advance,




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Very nice work.

Skin can be tricky - I've had to completely redo a few figures in the past because I messed-up the skin (actually - I have one in my paint box at the moment that needs sorting). I found using thinned layers of increasing lightness works quite well on some figures rather than a base colour, darker wash and then a careful highlight. Start darker than you would normally and gradually build it up. It can take a few coats and a bit of time.

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I really like what you did with Meridiana's skin. It looks very smooth and well blended! Bravo! I completely agree with you on the light tones, when you water it down and have to do so many layers it can sometimes get bumpy. I've noticed that with mine, when it does that, it's usually some dried paint somewhere on the brush. I always have to make sure that they're extra clean lol :) No idea otherwise as to why it gets so bumpy.


I love what you did with the witch hunter, and the lighter skin seems to be just fine! :)

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