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Flames of War 15mm Battlefront Miniatures


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Some new stuff I've been working on for a change. Havn't been doing much painting lately, put the shadowforge female football girls on hold after finishing the cheerleaders.

Had alot of fun painting these guys up along with doing the base work for them. Pretty easy and quick to turn out in a short amount of time.

Figured I would try my hand at something different for ebay before going back to the shadowforge stuff or one of the large minis or resin kits I still have stitting on my shelf of shame ::P: ( so many unfinished projects, so little time ) :wacko:


Thanks for looking, C and C welcome





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Thanks guys, Its not as bad as you would think. The scale makes it nearly impossible to put the level of detail into it that a 28mm or larger has. On stuff this small most of the detail blends together but looks good at arms length or on the game table.

With these guys it took me alot longer to do the terrain then it did the actual painting on the miniatures. Mostly washes over the base cost then highlighting with a lighter shade to bring it out. Some dry brushing thrown in for good mesasure as well mainly on the equipment or weathering.

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